I am Marcel Blanck, Software Engineer and Blogger

I love all aspects of media application, in fact I am a little bit too obsessed.

About Marcel Blanck

Welcome to my personal website. 

I’ve been working as a developer for the consumer and automotive electronics industry and international clients for more than 6 years. Everything I did so far touched the end-user’s experience. From device drivers to media processing, client-server communication and of course user interfaces, I’ve been working on all aspects of entertainment device internals. This includes Android platforms, infotainment systems, rear seat entertainment and media player or processing devices.

Since 2012, I’ve spread my studies from technical aspects (that I still love) to all facets of user experience creation. This involves areas like communication, design, design-tools, photography, cognition, psychology, sociology, economics, game engines and development processes. Virtual Reality and the future of Media is one of my main concerns. I worked a lot with Unity Engine and Unreal Engine 4 during my master degree studies and created some Virtual Reality experiences and prototypes on the way.

These days I am also very interested in business and financial topics, like real estate and stock markets. Trading, Marketing, E-Commerce and serious entrepreneurship are on the learning schedule.

To gain more experience before going as a full time entrepreneur, I founded my new company Marcel Blanck Medien where I focus on Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce, eBook publishing and advertisement material creation to occupy my right brain half while learning to do business.

Also I still have some Android VR projects ongoing, let’s see if the VR market justifies a stronger commitment in the near future. After Oculus delivered such an underwhelming experience… the halo and red tint ruin watching movies or any game that is not full saturated, low contrast and very bright. I hope at least Google delivers something I would recommend to friends with their Daydream device that is comming soon. Please Google do your thing!